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We use condom

Condoms are popular as they are simple to get. However, it is important to note that condoms only provide reliable protection if used correctly, but there may also be unintended accidents occurring. This article will list the most common risk factors. In the event of any of those circumstances it is recommended to use the morning after pill.

We use condom

Most people prefer to use condoms with regard to sexual intercourse, and yet the mistakes made when using condoms are much less frequently mentioned, although to prevent an unwanted pregnancy could be more important than anything. The reliability of individual methods of contraception can be characterised by the formula of Raymond Pearl, which indicates how many fertile women using the given method have become pregnant within a year, with the calculation projected to 100 women. Of the women of average couples using condoms, on average 15 out of 100 women have to face unwanted pregnancy within one year of use, as the Pearl index for condoms is 15. This figure is much lower when condoms are properly used, still there are at least two women becoming pregnant even then. The likelihood of conception may be reduced by proper use. However, we must not forget that if the condom’s material is torn, or the condom slips off, then much feared abortion and unwanted pregnancy can still be prevented by the morning after pill. Let us see what the most common errors are!

  • if we fail to use a new condom before each intercourse
  • if we keep condoms in places where they can get damaged
  • if we use condoms that have expired
  • if we use a sharp object or our teeth, etc. to open the packet
  • if during the use of condoms we apply oily lubricants, because those may damage the rubber material
  • if the condom is placed in the penis too late
  • if the condom is removed too early
  • if there is no room left for the sperms at the end of the condom, thus squeezing the air out of the small packet
  • if the condom is rolled on in the wrong direction
  • if after application we do not check if everything is OK with the condom
  • if the condom is of the wrong size

If we find that one of the above mistakes has occurred, and the condom is damaged or it slips off during intercourse, then we should think about prevention of an unwanted pregnancy in any case. For such cases the morning after pill provides a reliable solution.

The advantage of condoms is that they are able to provide protection against sexual diseases such as AIDS, but they do not protect against the HPV virus for instance. A disadvantage of condoms may be skin irritation or allergic reactions. These may be caused by either the condom itself, or its lubricant material. Not all men like to “wear” condoms, some of them find them uncomfortable, and many think that they may reduce the enjoyment factor of sexual intercourse if one has to deal with searching for and placing the condom on under tense excitement. Only few people know, that there are also female condoms that resemble classic condoms as to their appearance, but they have to be placed into the vagina. However, this device is more difficult to use and is less reliable, because in the case of typical use its Pearl index is 21.

Please do not forget that condoms only provide appropriate protection of used properly. If anything unusual is experienced during intercourse, open a new packet of condoms immediately. Should the condom tear or any other problem occur, then you should go to pharmacy to get morning after pill as soon as possible in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy with the help thereof.

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